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A Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore
by Allen Jeyarajasingam & Alan Pearson

This field guide describes each of the 640 species of birds known to occur or to have occurred in West Malaysia and in Singapore. The comprehensive text includes data on calls and song, range, distribution, habitat, status and behaviour. It includes chapters on migration, breeding and conservation.

From the Publisher
This is the first fully comprehensive field guide to the birds of West Malaysia and Singapore. Every species of bird known to occur or to have occurred in West Malaysia or Singapore has been included. The birds are illustrated in a series of 72 stunning full-colour plates, especially painted for this volume by Alan Pearson, an artist with considerable first-hand experience of the region. All major plumage variations and key identificatory features are included. The text, written by well-known Malaysian ornithologist Allen Jeyarajasingam, is up to date and informative. It includes information on range, distribution, habitat, status, and behaviour for every bird. Easy to use for beginners, and comprehensive enough to satisfy more experienced birdwatchers, this is by far the most current and authoritative guide to the exciting and abundant avifauna of the region to be published to date.

Table of Contents

List of colour plates
Anatomy and plumage of a bird
Background 1
Introduction to West Malaysia and Singapore 13
Conservation 30
The Avifauna 36
Migration 43
Breeding 50
Birdwatching in West Malaysia and Singapore 57
Family and Species Descriptions 73
App. 1 Table of night-bird calls 426
App. 2 Table of barbet calls 428
App. 3 Hills, peaks, hill-stations, and passes cited in the text 429
App. 4 Islets and islands cited in the text 431
App. 5 Globally endangered and potentially endangered birds occurring in West Malaysia and Singapore 434
App. 6 Conservation bodies, ornithological clubs, publications, and museums 436
Bibliography 438
Index 445