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Laurence Poh is an experienced photographer and discovered the joys of digital photography with the purchase of a Nikon CoolPix 950 digital camera in 1999. He too, is an avid birdwatcher and is very active with the birdwatching group of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). A spotting scope is often used to observe birds from a distance without alerting them of your presence. It didn’t take him long to realize that his 2 interests could be combined, and digiscoping was born.

Laurence pioneered the technique now known as digiscoping which basically involves the attachment of a digital camera to the eyepiece of a spotting scope, using a homemade adapter or mount and shooting through the lens of the spotting scope. Over the years he has gone through several cameras and taken photographs of over a hundred species of birds in Malaysia using this technique.

All photographs were taken by natural available light with the exception of one Nightjar which was lit by incandescent bulb. Most of the birds are Malaysian species with some foreign birds shot abroad. In Malaysia there are over 600 species of birds. Some are migratory birds that are seen only during the northern winter months.

This is just a small collection of his photographs. In his own way, Laurence is trying to promote Malaysia as a birding destination as the birds are much prettier in real life than pictures can depict.

All these pictures are copyrighted. Please respect the time and effort spent in shooting them.


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News & Updates

March 01, 2006

Suspended, but back again now

Sorry if you've tried to access the site in the last couple of days, and found that it had been suspended. Nothing to worry, laurencepoh.com is still around! Our web host had found that a php script and MySQL database has been using up unusually high amounts of CPU cycles to execute, and I've narrowed it down to the guestbook we had in place for my dad's condolences.

Although I had taken down the link and changed some configuration files, It appears that spammers were still getting in and bloated the database with their junk! I've now deleted it completely and hopefully this solves the problems.

Posted by jonathanpoh at 07:28 AM
February 09, 2005

Guest book closed

I have decided to close the guest book as it has been receiving a massive influx of spam entries. Thanks to everybody who has left us messages of condolences. It is amazing to read about how much my dad has affected the lives of people around the world.

Further messages can be sent directed to my mum, Audrey or myself. Thanks.

Posted by jonathanpoh at 09:10 AM

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